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To request the creation of a repository for your ETSI group, please follow the instructions below

Ask your Chairman or you Technical Officer to send an email to cti_support at etsi dot org

containing the following information:

Information needed for the creation of the repository Value (to be filled in) Description
Repository information
Repository Title A human readable title for the repository (spaces allowed)
Repository URI A short but descriptive URI (no spaces allowed). Recommended to include the ETSI number for the relative document (if any).
Repository namespace The group that will contain your repository. Usually the name of your TB/ISG.
Repository description The text to describe your project to other EOL users or to the public.
Contact person Main contact person for the project
Requesting TB ETSI TB or ISG who is responsible for the request
Related contribution number (Optional) If the request has been discussed in the TB/ISG, add here the relevant contribution numbers
Issue tracker requested Yes or No. The issue tracker is a way to collect feedback on the project content by other EOL users.
Issue tracker type (Bugzilla / Gitlab) Bugzilla or Gitlab
Issue tracker specific requirements (e.g. Catergories names)
Wiki pages requested Yes or No. (Default: No)
Visibility Public or Restricted to TB level or other groups (please specify).
Mirror on Github Yes/No. Mirrors are available only for public repositories. They consists of automatically updated, read-only copies of the Git repository (content and history) located at
Repository management
Read access Who should be able to read the content of the repository (may be 'public')
Contributor access Who should be able to submit contributions for review
Manager access Who should be able to approve contributions, merge changes and maintain the repository
Other requirements