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*** Variables ***
${NFVO_HOST}      localhost    # Hostname of the NFVO
${NFVO_PORT}      8081    # Listening port of the NFVO
${NFVO_SCHEMA}    https
${AUTHORIZATION}    Bearer 0b79bab50daca910b000d4f1a2b675d604257e42
${ACCEPT_JSON}    application/json
${AUTH_USAGE}     1
${CONTENT_TYPE_JSON}    application/json
${NEG_AUTHORIZATION}    Bearer negativetoken
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Giacomo Bernini committed
${vnfPackageId}  788106a2-d692-44f3-a86d-384f0ce35e42
${vndId}          788106a2-d692-44f3-a86d-384f0ce35e42
${onboardingStateVnfPkgId}    f9f130e4-05eb-4082-a676-4c97d13a883d    
${onboardingStateVnfdId}    f9f130e4-05eb-4082-a676-4c97d13a883d  

${apiRoot}        /
${apiMajorVersion}     v1
${apiName}        vnfpkgm

${NFVO_CHECKS_NOTIF_ENDPOINT}    1        ## If true, during subscription, the FUT performs a get to the notification endpoint


${response}    httpresponse
${MOCK_SERVER_JAR}    ../../../bin/mockserver-netty-5.5.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar
${callback_uri}    http://localhost
${callback_port}    9091
${callback_endpoint}    /endpoint
${callback_endpoint_fwd}    /endpoint/check
${callback_endpoint_error}    /endpoint_404
${sleep_interval}    20s
${total_polling_time}   2 min
${polling_interval}     10 sec
${notification_response}    []

${NFVO_non-MANO_OK}    1    # If 1 means that non-MANO artifacts are supported by the NFVO

${subscriptionId}    f3ae6df7-07e1-47c9-8924-9ebe10343586
${erroneousSubscriptionId}    442e3ee5-0499-4849-9b31-eb91ce1638f1    # Not existing ID on the subscriptions
${newSubscriptionId}    newSubsciptionId

${origResponse}    httpresponse

${erroneousVnfPackageId}    erroneousVnfPackageId    # Given ID for vnfPkg not present in database
${erroneousVnfdId}    erroneousVnfdId 

${filter_ok}      callbackUri=
${filter_ko}      nfvId=f9f130e4-05eb-4082-a676-4c97d13a883d    # Not existant filter attribute-based
${SEPERATOR}      =

${ACCEPT_PLAIN}    text/plain
${CONTENT_TYPE_PLAIN}    text/plain
${vnfPkgPlainVNFD}    c26ad7fb-072b-48c4-a663-7d71646d9e98    # The VNF Pakcage contains a VNFD which is a Single Plain File
${ACCEPT_ZIP}     application/zip
${CONTENT_TYPE_ZIP}    application/zip
${vnfPkgZipVNFD}    f5b220d4-6177-4ebb-a554-a43311e16075    # The VNF Package contains a VNFD composed by multiple files
${erroneousVnfPkgId}    erroneousVnfPackageId    # Given ID for vnfPkg not present in database
${vndIdZipVnfd}       f5b220d4-6177-4ebb-a554-a43311e16075 

${artifactPath}    artifactPath
${CONTENT_TYPE_OCTET}    application/octet-stream
${NFVO_RANGE_OK}    1    # If 1 means that Range is supported by the NFVO
${range}          bytes=0-1023
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${full_size}        2000            # Size of the requested artifact to be downloaded via partial downloads
${erroneousRange}    bytes=10000000-1000000000    # Requesting a out of range number of bytes
${vnfPackageOctetStreamId}    octetStreamPkgId
${vnfdOctetStreamId}    octetStreamVnfdId
${vndEncryptedArtifactID}    encryptedId

${length}          1024

${POS_FILTER}     vnfdId=41fdd38a-3d4c-465c-83e0-f80e014425f8 ,vnfProvider=NXW    # Positive case, suing compiant fields name for filtering get request
${NEG_FILTER}     nfvId=41fdd38a-3d4c-465c-83e0-f80e014425f8    # Negative case, using wrong name of field
${fields}         softwareImages,additionalArtifacts

${callbackResp}    localhost