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SOL009_43: PmNotificationsFilter datatype removed

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......@@ -870,36 +870,6 @@ components:
description: >
This type represents a filter that can be used to subscribe for notifications
related to performance management events.
At a particular nesting level in the filter structure, the following applies:
All attributes shall match in order for the filter to match (logical "and" between
different filter attributes). If an attribute is an array, the attribute shall
match if at least one of the values in the array matches (logical "or" between the
values of one filter attribute).
type: object
description: >
Filter criteria to select object instance about which to notify.
$ref: "../components/SOL009_schemas.yaml#/components/schemas/ManoEntitySubscriptionFilter"
description: >
Match particular notification types.
Permitted values:
- ThresholdCrossedNotification
- PerformanceInformationAvailableNotification
The permitted values of the "notificationTypes" attribute are spelled exactly
as the names of the notification types to facilitate automated code generation
type: string
- ThresholdCrossedNotification
- PerformanceInformationAvailableNotification
description: >
This type represents collection criteria for PM jobs.
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