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SOL009_9: consumedManoInterfaces datatype and description changed

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......@@ -1621,8 +1621,11 @@ components:
type: string
description: >
New content of certain entries in the "consumedManoInterfaces" attribute
array in the "PeerEntity", as defined below this table.
Modification of the "consumedManoInterfaces" attribute
in the "PeerEntity", as defined below this table.
If present, these modifications shall be applied according to the rules of
JSON Merge PATCH (see IETF RFC 7396).
NOTE: Due to the security sensitive information contained within the attribute
(refer to "securityInfo" within the "ConsumedManoInterfaceInfo"), based on
......@@ -1632,8 +1635,8 @@ components:
attribute, and the modification request includes new attribute values,
the whole modification request shall be rejected, and proper error information
type: array
type: object
$ref: "#/components/schemas/ConsumedManoInterfaceInfo"
description: >
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