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Bug#255: SOL006 Jenkins build is broken

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<nsd xmlns="urn:etsi:nfv:yang:etsi-nfv-nsd"> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<nfv xmlns="urn:etsi:nfv:yang:etsi-nfv-descriptors">
<vnfd> <vnfd>
<id>ASA</id> <id>ASA</id>
<provider>My Company</provider> <provider>My Company</provider>
...@@ -133,4 +134,4 @@ ...@@ -133,4 +134,4 @@
</ns-instantiation-level> </ns-instantiation-level>
</df> </df>
</nsd> </nsd>
</config> </nfv>
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