Commit a18fd924 authored by Samir Medjiah's avatar Samir Medjiah
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SOL005_85/86: "VnfLinkPortInfo" data type updated (NS LCM)

parent 8cfa7279
......@@ -919,6 +919,18 @@ definitions:
The value refers to an "extCpInfo" item in the VnfInstance or a
"vnfcCpInfo" item of a "vnfcResouceInfo" item in the VnfInstance.
$ref: "SOL005_def.yaml#/definitions/IdentifierInVnf"
description: >
Type of the CP instance that is identified by cpInstanceId.
Shall be present if "cpInstanceId" is present, and shall be
absent otherwise.
Permitted values:
* VNFC_CP: The link port is connected to a VNFC CP
* EXT_CP: The link port is associated to an external CP.
type: string
type: object
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