Commit a0f44628 authored by Samir Medjiah's avatar Samir Medjiah
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SOL005_77: Attribute "virtualLinkDescId" is now called "vmfVirtualLinkDescId"...

SOL005_77: Attribute "virtualLinkDescId" is now called "vmfVirtualLinkDescId" in "ExtManagedVirtualLinkData" data type (NS LCM)
parent 91689523
......@@ -355,13 +355,13 @@ definitions:
The identifier of the externally-managed internal VL
instance, if provided.
$ref: "#/definitions/Identifier"
description: >
The identifier of the VLD in the VNFD for this VL.
$ref: "#/definitions/IdentifierInVnfd"
description: >
Identifier of the VIMthat manage this resource. This
Identifier of the VIM that manage this resource. This
attribute shall only be supported and present if VNFrelated
resource management in direct mode is applicable.
$ref: "#/definitions/Identifier"
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