Commit 4fa3e449 authored by piscione's avatar piscione
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SOL005_12: added attribute and note to UpdateNsRequest data model

parent cbe0a6b3
......@@ -2269,6 +2269,20 @@ definitions:
type: array
$ref: "#/definitions/InstantiateVnfData"
description: >
Specifies the details to terminate VNF instance(s).
It shall be present only if updateType = "REMOVE_VNF"
and if the VNF instance(s) is(are) to be terminated as
part of this operation.
If a VNF instance is removed from an NS and this NS was the
last one for which this VNF instance was a part, the VNF instance
is terminated by the NFVO.
For each of the referred vnfInstanceId in the terminateVnfData,
there shall be a corresponding value in the removeVnfInstanceId.
type: array
$ref: "#/definitions/TerminateVnfData"
description: >
Identifies the new DF of the VNF instance to be
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