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......@@ -313,7 +313,8 @@ definitions:
description: >
The identifier of the CPD in the VNFD.
The identifier of the CPD in the VNFD. In case this identifier refers to a CPD with trunking enabled,
the external CP instances created from this CPD will represent ports in a trunk.
$ref: "#/definitions/IdentifierInVnfd"
description: >
......@@ -332,7 +333,19 @@ definitions:
shall create a link port on the external VL, and use that link port to
connect the external CP to the external VL.
type: object
- id
description: >
Identifier of the VnfExtCpConfig entry. Managed by the API consumer.
$ref: "#/definitions/IdentifierInVnf"
description: >
Reference to the "VnfExtCpConfig" entry that corresponds to the parent port of the trunk. Only present in
"VnfExtCpConfig" structures that provide configuration information for a CP which represents a sub-port in
a trunk, and if parent ports are supported.
$ref: "#/definitions/IdentifierInVnf"
description: >
Identifier of the external CP instance to which this set of
......@@ -423,6 +436,16 @@ definitions:
the VIM.
At least one of "macAddress" or "ipAddresses" shall be present.
$ref: "#/definitions/MacAddress"
description: >
Identification of the network segment to which the Cp instance connects to. If the Cp instance represents a
subport in a trunk, segmentationId shall be present. Otherwise it shall not be present.
Depending on the NFVI networking infrastructure, the segmentationId may indicate the actual network segment
value (e.g. vlan Id, Vxlan segmentation id, etc.) used in the transport header of the packets or it may be an
identifier used between the application and the NFVI networking infrastructure to identify the network
sub-interface of the trunk port in question. In the latter case the NFVI infrastructure will map this local
segmentationId to whatever segmentationId is actually used by the NFVI’s transport technology.
type: string
description: >
List of IP addresses to assign to the CP instance. Each entry
......@@ -706,7 +729,10 @@ definitions:
HEAL | Represents the "Heal VNF" LCM operation.
OPERATE | Represents the "Operate VNF" LCM operation.
CHANGE_EXT_CONN | Represents the "Change external VNF connectivity" LCM operation.
MODIFY_INFO | Represents the "Modify VNF Information" LCM operation.
MODIFY_INFO | Represents the "Modify VNF Information" LCM operation.
CREATE_SNAPSHOT | Represents the "Create VNF Snapshot" LCM operation.
REVERT_TO_SNAPSHOT | Represents the “Revert-To VNF Snapshot" LCM operation.
CHANGE_VNFPKG | Represents the "Change current VNF package" LCM operation.
type: string
......@@ -718,6 +744,9 @@ definitions:
#SOL003 location:
......@@ -879,6 +908,12 @@ definitions:
description: >
Identifier of the related VDU in the VNFD.
$ref: "#/definitions/IdentifierInVnfd"
description: >
Identifier of the VNFD.
Shall be present in case of a "change current VNF Package" to identify whether the affected VNFC instance is
associated to a VDU which is referred from the source or destination VNFD.
$ref: "#/definitions/Identifier"
description: >
Signals the type of change. Permitted values:
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