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+ Disclaimer on the status of APIs
+ Cleaned and revised

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......@@ -4,9 +4,12 @@ This repository hosts the [OpenAPI]( specificatons and
for the APIs defined in ETSI NFV GSs [SOL002]( and [SOL003](
The APIs described in this repository are defined for the following reference points:
* `Or-Vnfm`
* `Ve-vnfm`
**IMPORTANT: Please note that this file might be not aligned to the current version of the ETSI Group Specification it refers to and has not been approved by the ETSI NFV ISG. In case of discrepancies the published ETSI Group Specification takes precedence.**
More information at [NFV Solutions wiki](
## Content structure
......@@ -26,21 +29,24 @@ The build file `` will validate the files, evaluate JSON references a
To build locally, once Docker is installed, simple run
$sudo bash
$ sudo bash
and the results will be stored in a `build/` directory in the project folder.
## How to raise issues
Change requests can be filed at [ETSI Forge Bugzilla](
Change requests can be filed at [ETSI Forge Bugzilla]( Please report errors, bugs or other issues [here](
## How to contribute
Open and closed changes can be reviewed [here](
ETSI Forge uses Gerrit to manage submissions to the repository, any submission is tracked with a Change. Currently open and closed Changes can be reviewed [here](
### Latest builds
## Submit and review changes
See the recent builds from:
See the recent builds [here](
* [Master](
* [Gerrit changes](
## License
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