Commit f3d631d4 authored by YannGarcia's avatar YannGarcia

Bug reported from ITS CV2X#1 plugtest

parent 835ae35e
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ do
# Update libraries & CC files
TTCN_3_LIB_LIST='LibMec LibMec/LocationAPI LibMec/UEidentityAPI LibMec/RnisAPI LibMec/BwManagementAPI LibHttp LibCommon'
TTCN_3_LIB_LIST='LibMec LibMec/Ams LibMec/AppEna LibMec/AppLCM LibMec/BwManagementAPI LibMec/FixedAccessInformationAPI LibMec/Grant LibMec/LocationAPI LibMec/MeoPkgm LibMec/MepmPkgm LibMec/RnisAPI LibMec/UEAppInterfaceAPI LibMec/UEidentityAPI LibHttp LibCommon'
for i in ${TTCN_3_LIB_LIST}
if [ ! -d ${TTCN_3_DST_PATH}/$i ]
LibIts @ 3c0c0de3
Subproject commit 25c8a9e788ccd0fb17ef38dbf12b1a7e9a6c0085
Subproject commit 3c0c0de3330be31a4a670518770d7ef20dacf245
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