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# MEC Testing Framework in TTCN-3
## Introduction
This repositories contains the test specifications and test adapter code for MEC Testing project in TTCN-3.
## Contact information
Email at cti_support at etsi dot org
## License
Unless specified otherwise, the content of this repository and the files contained are released under the ETSI Software License.
See the attached LICENSE file or visit
## Standard links
- Mobile-Edge Computation standards, accessible [here](
## RFC links
- RFC 7159 - The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Interchange Format, accessible [here](
NOTE All draft can be found in the 'IETF XML Registry', accessible [here](
## Installation
## Usage
## How to Report a Bug
The ETSI MEC Testing Framework project is under constant development, so it is possible that you will
encounter a bug while using it. Please report bugs at cti_support at etsi dot org.
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