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update ci for oas 3

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#!/bin/bash #!/bin/bash
specfiles=$(ls | egrep "^[^.]*API.(json|yaml)") specfiles=$(ls | egrep "^[^.]*.(json|yaml)")
fres=0 fres=0
for i in $specfiles ; do for i in $specfiles ; do
echo "-- Validating OpenAPI file $i..." echo "-- Validating and linting OpenAPI file $i..."
swagger-tools validate $i swagger-cli validate $i
res=$? res=$?
fres=$(($fres||$res)) speccy lint "$i"
echo -e "-- Validator returned $res.\n" res2=$?
echo "--- Validator returned $res, linter returned $res2."
done done
echo "-- Final validator returns $fres." echo "-- Final validator returns $fres."
exit $fres exit $fres
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