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TLCC-tst.git ETSI Trusted List Conformance Checker - internal repository 4 months ago
TLCC.git ETSI Trusted List Conformance Checker 4 months ago
TLPrettyPrint-tst.git Trusted List Pretty Print - internal repository 4 months ago
TLPrettyPrint.git Trusted List Pretty Print 4 months ago
MEC.GS_011.git Mobile Edge Platform Application Enablement - ETSI MEC GS 011 3 months ago
MEC.GS_012.git Radio Network Information API - ETSI MEC GS 012 2 months ago
MEC.GS_013.git Location API - ETSI MEC GS 013 4 weeks ago
MEC.GS_014.git UE Identity API - ETSI MEC GS 014 5 weeks ago
MEC.GS_015.git Band Management API - ETSI MEC GS 015 5 weeks ago
MEC.GS_016.git UE Application Interface API - ETSI MEC GS 016 5 weeks ago
api-templates.git Templates and tools for APIs 5 months ago
nfv-specfest.git Interactive tutorial for NFV OpenAPIs contributors 3 months ago
playground.git Test and experiments with Forge tools 6 weeks ago
NFV-SOL002-SOL003.git 6 days ago
NFV-SOL005.git 2 months ago
NFV.git ETSI ISG NFV Main repository - 9 months ago
NGSI-LD.git OpenAPI descriptions for the NGSI-LD interface defined by ETSI ISG CIM 2 weeks ago
NWM.git 6 days ago