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1.1 23/08/96 - eay
	Changed RC2_set_key() so it now takes another argument.  Many
	thanks to Peter Gutmann <> for the
	clarification and origional specification of RC2.  BSAFE uses
	this last parameter, 'bits'.  It the key is 128 bits, BSAFE
	also sets this parameter to 128.  The old behaviour can be
	duplicated by setting this parameter to 1024.

1.0 08/04/96 - eay
	First version of SSLeay with rc2.  This has been written from the spec
	posted sci.crypt.  It is in this directory under rrc2.doc
	I have no test values for any mode other than ecb, my wrappers for the
	other modes should be ok since they are basically the same as
	the ones taken from idea and des :-).  I have implemented them as
	little-endian operators.
	While rc2 is included because it is used with SSL, I don't know how
	far I trust it.  It is about the same speed as IDEA and DES.
	So if you are paranoid, used Tripple DES, else IDEA.  If RC2
	does get used more, perhaps more people will look for weaknesses in