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The Smart Applications REFerence ontology (SAREF) is intended to enable interoperability between solutions from different providers and among various activity sectors in the Internet of Things (IoT), thus contributing to the development of the global digital market.
SAREF shall use the SAREF Communication framework as defined in [[5]](#[5]) (ETSI TS 103 267: "SmartM2M; Smart Appliances; Communication Framework”).
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The editors would like to thank the ETSI SmartM2M technical committee for providing guidance and expertise.
Also, many thanks to the ETSI staff and all other current and former active Participants of the ETSI SmartM2M group for their support, technical input and suggestions that led to improvements to this ontology.
Also, special thanks goes to the ETSI SmartM2M Technical Officer Guillemin Patrick for his help.
- [Laura Daniele]( ([TNO](
- [Raúl Garcia-Castro]( ([Universidad Politécnica de Madrid](
- [Maxime Lefrançois]( ([MINES Saint-Étienne](
- [Maria Poveda-Villalon]( ([Universidad Politécnica de Madrid](
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<h3>Normative references</h3>
<li id="[1]">[1] European Commission and TNO: "Study on Semantic Assets for Smart Appliances Interoperability", final report, April 2015.</li>
NOTE: Available at
<li id="[2]">[2] " SAREF: the Smart Applications REFerence ontology".</li>
NOTE: Available at
<li id="[3]">[3] European Commission and TNO: "D-S4 - SMART 2013-0077 - Smart Appliances - Mapping SAREF to short list assets.xlsx", February 2015.</li>
NOTE: Available at
<li id="[4]">[4] ETSI TS 118 112: "oneM2M; Base Ontology (oneM2M TS-0012)".</li>
<li id="[5]">[5] ETSI TS 103 267: "SmartM2M; Smart Appliances; Communication Framework".</li>
<h3>Informative references</h3>
<li id="[i.1]">[i.1] ETSI TR 103 411: "SmartM2M Smart Appliances SAREF Extension Investigation".</li>
<li id="[i.2]">[i.2] ETSI TS 103 410-1: "SmartM2M; Smart Appliances Extension to SAREF; Part 1: Energy Domain".</li>
<li id="[i.3]">[i.3] ETSI TS 103 410-2: "SmartM2M; Smart Appliances Extension to SAREF; Part 2: Environment Domain".</li>
<li id="[i.4]">[i.4] ETSI TS 103 410-3: "SmartM2M; Smart Appliances Extension to SAREF; Part 3: Building Domain".</li>
<li id="[i.5]">[i.5] ETSI TS 103 410-4: "SmartM2M; Smart Appliances Extension to SAREF; Part 4: Smart Cities Domain".</li>
<li id="[i.6]">[i.6] ETSI TS 103 410-5: "SmartM2M; Smart Appliances Extension to SAREF; Part 5: Industry and Manufacturing Domains".</li>
<li id="[i.7]">[i.7] ETSI TS 103 410-6: "SmartM2M; Smart Appliances Extension to SAREF; Part 6: Smart Agriculture and Food Chain Domain".</li>
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