Commit cf399a90 authored by rennoch's avatar rennoch

new function on call termination and deregistration request

parent f558ba36
......@@ -1347,6 +1347,41 @@ module LibIms_Steps
} // end function f_terminateCall_UE
* @desc sends BYE and awaits response and De-registration
* @param p_CallId parameter for outgoing BYE
* @param p_cSeq parameter for outgoing BYE
* @param p_from parameter for outgoing BYE
* @param p_to parameter for outgoing BYE
* @param p_reqHostPort parameter for outgoing BYE
function f_terminateCall_UE_withDeReg(SipUrl p_requestUri, CallId p_CallId, inout CSeq p_cSeq, From p_from,
template To p_to) runs on ImsComponent
// Sending of a BYE request to release the call and expect a final response
f_SendBYE(m_BYE_Request_UE(p_requestUri, p_CallId, p_cSeq, p_from, valueof(p_to), vc_via, vc_route));
[] SIPP.receive (mw_Response_Base(mw_statusLine1xx, p_CallId, p_cSeq))
[] SIPP.receive (mw_Response_Base(mw_statusLineFinal, p_CallId, p_cSeq))
// timeout should be handled in default_alt_step
action("Please de-register");
} // end function f_terminateCall_UE_withDeReg
group defaults {
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