Commit 73ce10a5 authored by pintar's avatar pintar

Correction of m_BYE_Request_IMS for general solution which could be used also on ISC interface.

parent dbf13e52
......@@ -1379,13 +1379,14 @@ group request_send {
template BYE_Request m_BYE_Request_IMS
( SipUrl p_requestUri, CallId p_callId, CSeq p_cSeq, From p_from, To p_to,
Via p_via, template Route p_route)
Via p_via, template Route p_route, template RecordRoute p_recordRoute := omit)
modifies m_BYE_Request_Base
msgHeader :=
route := p_route
route := p_route,
recordRoute := p_recordRoute //used in case of AS as TS - for ISC interface
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