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# Abstract Syntax Notation for DENM (ETSI EN 302 637-3)
# ASN.1 module for for DENM [ETSI EN 302 637-3]
This repository contains the ASN.1 module for ETSI Decentralized Environmental Notification Basic Service messages (DENM) in the **DENM-PDU-Descriptions.asn** file.
* The module is published with the **ETSI EN 302 637-3 v1.3.1** at April 2019.
* The module is published with the **[ETSI EN 302 637-3 v1.3.1](** at April 2019.
## License
......@@ -11,4 +11,4 @@ See the attached LICENSE file or visit
## Dependencies
- ETSI TS 102 894-2 v1.3.1 - [Common Data Dictionary](
- **[ITS-Container](** module from [ETSI TS 102 894-2 v1.3.1]( - Common Data Dictionary
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