Commit eeae1809 authored by garciay's avatar garciay

Add Spirent changes to reduce warnings

parent 398105ef
...@@ -2309,9 +2309,10 @@ module ItsDenm_TpFunctions { ...@@ -2309,9 +2309,10 @@ module ItsDenm_TpFunctions {
group denMessageSSP { group denMessageSSP {
function f_DEN_SSP_BV_XX( in charstring p_certName, function f_DEN_SSP_BV_XX(
in template (value) SituationContainer p_situation, in charstring p_certName,
in template (present) Bit256 pmw_ssp) in template (value) SituationContainer p_situation,
in template (present) Bit256 pmw_ssp)
runs on ItsDenm { runs on ItsDenm {
var ActionID v_actionId; var ActionID v_actionId;
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