Commit 91d2adce authored by Yann Garcia's avatar Yann Garcia
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parent 4f37866d
......@@ -21,10 +21,6 @@ cd ${HOME}/dev/Workspace/TTF0002
ln -s ../../TTF0002_Its/testdata
ln -s ../../TTF0002_Its/data
echo -e "*****************************\n* Make ASN.1 sources\n*****************************\n"
cd ${HOME}/dev/Workspace/TTF0002/bin/asn1
make -f ../../../../TTF0002_Its/asn1/Makefile
echo -e "*****************************\n* Make Certificate generator \n*****************************\n"
# make V3 certificate generators
cd ${HOME}/dev/TTF0002_Its/tools/itscertgen/asn1certgen
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