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......@@ -170,6 +170,7 @@ Procedure:
......@@ -208,7 +209,7 @@ Procedure:
- Clone the ETSI ITS protocols project into $HOME/dev folder
$ git clone
$ git clone git clone --recurse-submodules -b TTF0002_Its --single-branch ./TTF0002_Its
- Update your default environment with the content of the script $HOME/dev/TTF0002_Its/scripts/devenv.bash.ubuntu
......@@ -249,11 +250,15 @@ Pre-requisites:
- Your are logged as 'etsi' or 'vagrant' user
- Procedure using TITAN command line (only):
- Open several SSH session (PuTTY...)
- Change to the directory ~/dev/TTF0002_Its/src/AtsCAM/objs
- Change to the directory ~/dev/TTF0002_Its/
- Modify the file according to your system:
- On Linux, comment all the lines using the '#' character
- On Windows, update the path accordingly
- Build the test suite AtsCAM using the following command:
$ ../bin/cam_generate_makefile.bash
$ export ATS=AtsCAM # The Abstract Test Suite you wnat to build, such as AtsDENM, AtsSecurity...
$ make
......@@ -264,11 +269,12 @@ $ ../bin/cam_generate_makefile.bash
- To run the test suitem, execute the following command:
$ ../bin/run-all.bash
$ cd ~/dev/TTF0002_Its/scripts
$ ../run_all.bash
- The log files are located in ../logs folder. You can edit them using any editor or using the Eclipse TITAN log plugins
- The log files are located in ../logs/AtsCAM folder for this example. You can edit them using any editor or using the Eclipse TITAN log plugins
## How to generate ITS test certificates
......@@ -291,8 +297,8 @@ To build the tool, run the 'make' command in each of the following folders:
After applying the previous clause, change to the folder '~/dev/TTF0002_Its/data/v3' and execute 'make' command:
cd ~/dev/TTF0002_Its/data/v3
$ cd ~/dev/TTF0002_Its/data/v3
$ make
The certificates will be located in the folder '~/dev/TTF0002_Its/data/v3/certificates'.
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