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// This Test Port skeleton header file was generated by the
// TTCN-3 Compiler of the TTCN-3 Test Executor version CRL 113 200/5 R3A
// for U-ERICSSON\ethgry (ethgry@HU00078339) on Fri Aug 14 21:19:06 2015

// Copyright Ericsson Telecom AB 2000-2014

// You may modify this file. Add your attributes and prototypes of your
// member functions here.

#ifndef BtpPort_HH
#define BtpPort_HH

#include "LibItsBtp_TestSystem.hh"

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#include "layer.hh"
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#include "Params.hh"
namespace LibItsBtp__TestSystem {

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  class BtpPort : public BtpPort_BASE {
    Params _cfg_params;
    Params _layer_params;
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    layer* _layer;
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    std::string _time_key;
    BtpPort(const char *par_port_name = NULL);

    void set_parameter(const char *parameter_name,
		       const char *parameter_value);

    void receiveMsg (const LibItsBtp__TestSystem::BtpInd&, const Params&);

    /* void Handle_Fd_Event(int fd, boolean is_readable,
       boolean is_writable, boolean is_error); */
    void Handle_Fd_Event_Error(int fd);
    void Handle_Fd_Event_Writable(int fd);
    void Handle_Fd_Event_Readable(int fd);
    /* void Handle_Timeout(double time_since_last_call); */
    void user_map(const char *system_port);
    void user_unmap(const char *system_port);

    void user_start();
    void user_stop();

    void outgoing_send(const BtpReq& send_par);

} /* end of namespace */