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 *  @author     ETSI / STF481 / STF507 / STF517
 *  @version    $URL$
 *              $Id$
 *  @desc       Module containing t fest system description for the secured GN ATS
module ItsSecurity_TestSystem { 
    import from LibItsCommon_TestSystem all;
    import from LibItsCam_TestSystem all;
    import from LibItsDenm_TestSystem all;
    import from LibItsGeoNetworking_TestSystem all;
     * @desc Secured GN test system description
     * @member acPort               Test Adapter control port
     * @member geoNetworkingPort    GeoNetworking port
     * @member utPort               GeoNetworking UT port
     * @member denmUtPort           DENM UT port
     * @member cammUtPort           CAM UT port
    type component ItsSecSystem {
        port LibItsGeoNetworking_TestSystem.AdapterControlPort acPort;
        // NT2 ports
        port LibItsGeoNetworking_TestSystem.UpperTesterPort utPort;
        port GeoNetworkingPort geoNetworkingPort;
        // FA ports
        port LibItsDenm_TestSystem.UpperTesterPort denmUtPort;
        port LibItsCam_TestSystem.UpperTesterPort camUtPort;
    } // end ItsGeoNetworkingSystem
} // End of module ItsSecurity_TestSystem