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remove not agreed https-notif yam

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module _3gpp-common-https-notif {
yang-version 1.1;
namespace urn:3gpp:sa5:_3gpp-common-https-client;
prefix hnot3gpp;
import ietf-inet-types { prefix inet; }
import ietf-subscribed-notifications { prefix sn; }
import ietf-yang-push { prefix yp; }
import _3gpp-common-yang-types { prefix types3gpp ; }
organization "3gpp SA5";
description "The model defines a extensions to IETF subscribed nodification
(RFC8639) and IETF YANG-Push (RFC8641) for realizing 3GPP https notifications";
reference "3GPP TS 28.532 Generic management services";
revision 2019-10-11 {
description "Initial revision";
identity https-3gpp {
base sn:transport;
base sn:configurable-encoding;
"3GPP HTTPS transport for notifications.";
augment "/sn:subscriptions/sn:subscription/sn:receivers/sn:receiver" {
description "Augment the subscriptions container to define the receiver.";
leaf uri-for-https-notifications {
when derived-from-or-self(../../../sn:transport,"hnot3gpp:https-3gpp") ;
type inet:uri;
description "The presence of this URI indicates that the
notifications for this subscription SHALL be sent over
HTTPS as specified in 3GPP TS 28.532 to the receiver.
A uniform resource locator that SHALL identify the file
transfer protocol, destination path.
E.g. ";
augment "/yp:push-change-update" {
description "Augment the notification with 3GPP specific data.";
leaf additionalText {
type string ;
description "It can contain further information in text on the
event of the ManagedEntity(s).";
leaf systemDN {
type types3gpp:DistinguishedName ;
description "It shall carry the DN of management service providers.";
list correlatedNotifications {
leaf source {
type types3gpp:DistinguishedName ;
description "The entity emiting the notification as used in
/push-change-update/systemDN." ;
leaf-list notificationId {
type string;
description "Id of a correlated notification as used in
/push-change-update/datastore-changes/yang-patch/patch-id." ;
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