Commit dde0bdad authored by Luke Mewburn's avatar Luke Mewburn 💬

use common tS33128PayloadsObjId RELATIVE-OID

Define tS33128PayloadsObjId RELATIVE-OID with the version.
Redefine the other OIDs in terms of tS33128PayloadsObjId.

This allows all the OID versions to be updated with a single line change,
with the version at the end of the line, easier to see.

Note: this change implicitly updates the OIDs of xCCPayloadOID, cCPayloadOID,
and lINotificationPayloadOID which were version0(0).
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......@@ -9,13 +9,13 @@ BEGIN
-- Relative OIDs
-- =============
xIRIPayloadOID RELATIVE-OID ::= {threeGPP(4) ts33128(19) r16(16) version1(1) xIRI(1)}
xCCPayloadOID RELATIVE-OID ::= {threeGPP(4) ts33128(19) r16(16) version0(0) xCC(2)}
tS33128PayloadsObjId RELATIVE-OID ::= {threeGPP(4) ts33128(19) r16(16) version1(1)}
iRIPayloadOID RELATIVE-OID ::= {threeGPP(4) ts33128(19) r16(16) version1(1) iRI(3)}
cCPayloadOID RELATIVE-OID ::= {threeGPP(4) ts33128(19) r16(16) version0(0) cC(4)}
lINotificationPayloadOID RELATIVE-OID ::= {threeGPP(4) ts33128(19) r16(16) version0(0) lINotification(5)}
xIRIPayloadOID RELATIVE-OID ::= {tS33128PayloadsObjId xIRI(1)}
xCCPayloadOID RELATIVE-OID ::= {tS33128PayloadsObjId xCC(2)}
iRIPayloadOID RELATIVE-OID ::= {tS33128PayloadsObjId iRI(3)}
cCPayloadOID RELATIVE-OID ::= {tS33128PayloadsObjId cC(4)}
lINotificationPayloadOID RELATIVE-OID ::= {tS33128PayloadsObjId lINotification(5)}
-- ===============
-- X2 xIRI payload
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