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  1. first commit for APIVersion (detail)
  2. updated API version for SOL012 (detail)
  3. added CI scripts (detail)
  4. added skeleton for Policy Management OpenAPI (detail)
  5. Implemented first part of SOL012 v3.3.1 PolicyManagement OpenAPI (detail)
  6. fix indentation (detail)
  7. fixed response body content (detail)
  8. fixed Content-Type header (detail)
  9. Added policy version delete (detail)
  10. upd jenkins script (detail)
  11. set correct permissions for container scritps (detail)
  12. SOL012: Added subscription(s) and notification endpoints (detail)
  13. updated links for bug reporting, fixed minor typos (detail)
  14. updated API name in openapi title (detail)
  15. updates according to NFVSOL(20)000640_SOL012Ed331 and (detail)
  16. updates according to NFVSOL(20)000652r2_SOL012ed331 (detail)
  17. updates according to NFVSOL(20)000703r1_SOL012ed331 (detail)
  18. updates according to NFVSOL(20)000704_SOL012ed331 (detail)
  19. updated reference to SOL012 v3.4.1 stable draft (detail)
  20. Fix in notification endpoints (detail)
  21. Fix in interface title (detail)
  22. Fix in PolicyManagement schemas (detail)
  23. updated SOL012 url spec (detail)

Started by GitLab push by Michele Carignani

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