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  1. Issue#24 Add fixedIpAddress attribute to L3AddressData (detail)
  2. Issue#25 FEAT02 add identifier ChangeCurrentVnfPackageOpConfig and fix (detail)
  3. issue#26 Fixes for IFA011ed341 based on 942 part1, part2 and part3 (detail)
  4. issue#27 Adding Trunk port logical topology in VDU (detail)
  5. issue#28 Fixes Enum Values and description from IFA011ed341 (detail)
  6. issue#29 Fixes IFA014ed341-IFA015_harmonization_corrections, set2 and (detail)
  7. issue#30 Add VirtualLinkProtocolData missing in VirtualLinkProfile and (detail)
  8. issue#31 Improving nsProfile attribute description and fix enum values (detail)
  9. issue#32 Implement FEAT05 - Add priority in NSD IFA014 (detail)
  10. issue#33 fix AffinityOrAntiAffinityGroup element information in vnfd and (detail)
  11. issue #36 Fix typo data type and fix reference in trunk port data (detail)
  12. issue #38 Dependencies IE description improvement (detail)
  13. issue #39 segmentationType definition to subport level (detail)
  14. issue #40 Add missing Dependencies definition in vnf (detail)
  15. issue #41 IFA011ed351 updates related to the use of VIPs (detail)
  16. issue #43 updates scaling descriptors related to use of VIPs (detail)
  17. issue #37 SAPD Missing inherited attributes from CPD (detail)
  18. Fix tree build (detail)

Started by GitLab push by ramanathan

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