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Build Artifacts
  1. fixed issue #5 (detail)
  2. re-fixed issue #5 (detail)
  3. fixed issue #12 (detail)
  4. fixed issue #11 (detail)
  5. fixed issue #17 (detail)
  6. fixed issue #4 in 3.3.1 (detail)
  7. fixed issue #18 (detail)
  8. SOL005_4: updated description of Patch method of NSDManagement (detail)
  9. SOL005_5: updated description of Delete method of NSDManagement (detail)
  10. SOL005_6: updated description of a field of NsdInfo datamodel (detail)
  11. SOL005_11: updated description of attributes of InstantiateNsRequest (detail)
  12. SOL005_13: added TerminateVnfData datamodel (detail)
  13. SOL005_12: added attribute and note to UpdateNsRequest data model (detail)
  14. SOL005_14: added TerminateNsData datamodel. (detail)
  15. SOL005_15: added attributes to TerminateNsRequest datamodel (detail)
  16. SOL005_17: added attributes on IpOverEthernetAddressData data model and (detail)
  17. SOL005_18: updated description of attribute of IpOverEthernetAddressInfo (detail)
  18. SOL005_20: updated description of fields of ParamsForVnf datamodel (detail)
  19. SOL005_21: updated descriptions and notes and added attribute to (detail)
  20. SOL005_22: added note to ExtVirtualLinkData datamodel (detail)
  21. SOL005_23: added attribute to ExtLinkPortData datamodel (detail)
  22. SOL005_24: added attribute to VnfExtCpConfig datamodel (detail)
  23. SOL005_25: updated description of a field of (detail)
  24. SOL005_27: updated description fields of ScaleNsData datamodel (detail)
  25. SOL005_35: added VipCpInfo datamodel (detail)
  26. SOL005_28: added attribute and note to VnfInstance data model (detail)
  27. SOL005_29: updated description of a field of CpProtocolInfo datamodel (detail)
  28. SOL005_30: added attribute to VnfcResourceInfo datamodel (detail)
  29. SOL005_31: added attributes to ExtLinkPortInfo datamodel (detail)
  30. SOL005_32: added attributes and notes to VnfLinkPortInfo datamodel (detail)
  31. SOL005_33: addded and updated attributes and notes into  VnfExtCpInfo (detail)
  32. SOL005_34: updated description of fields of VnfcSnapshotInfo datamodel (detail)
  33. SOL005_44: updated version of the document (detail)
  34. SOL005_9: updated description of exclude deafult row (detail)
  35. SOL005_10: added attributes and notes into NsLcmOpOcc datamodel (detail)
  36. SOL005_19: update note of VnfLocationConstraint datamodel (detail)
  37. SOL005_26: updated description of attribute of NfpRule datamodel (detail)
  38. SOL005_43: update note of NestedNsLocationConstraint datamodel (detail)
  39. SOL005_37: VnfPkgInfo updated (detail)
  40. SOL005_38: GET Individual VNF snapshot package updated (detail)
  41. SOL005_4: VnfcSnapshotImageInfo: updated (detail)
  42. SOL005_42: NS LCM Coordination interface added (detail)
  43. updated notification endpoints (detail)
  44. Minor fixes (detail)
  45. fix notificatin endpoint (detail)
  46. updated endpoints descriptions (detail)
  47. fix nfvi capacity (detail)
  48. fix nfvi capacity (detail)
  49. SOL005_45: added attribute into NsLcmOpOcc datamodel (detail)
  50. from SOL005_46 to SOL005_49 (detail)
  51. SOL005_50 to SOL005_60 (detail)
  52. SOL005_61 to SOL005_70 (detail)
  53. SOL005_71 to SOL005_80 (detail)
  54. SOL005_81 to SOL005_90 (detail)
  55. SOL005_91 to SOL005_101 (detail)
  56. SOL005_102 to SOL005_110 (detail)
  57. SOL005_111 to SOL005_119 (detail)
  58. SOL005_120 to SOL005_123 (detail)
  59. fixed versions (detail)
  60. SOL005_124 to SOL005_128 (detail)
  61. fixed comments from SOL WG (SOL005) (detail)
  62. upd (detail)
  63. implemented udpates for SOL005ed351 v3.3.8 (detail)
  64. fix enum (detail)
  65. fix enum (detail)
  66. fixed responses ref names (detail)
  67. fixed typo (detail)
  68. addressed comments from SOL WG (detail)
  69. fix (detail)
  70. upd versions (detail)

Started by GitLab push by vreck

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