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  1. Descriptors for (detail)
  2. descriptors templating for added (detail)
  3. descriptor key check updated (detail)
  4. optional descriptor attribute removed (detail)
  5. descriptors for SOL006 added (detail)
  6. removed (detail)
  7. Descriptors for added (detail)
  8. VNF Descriptors added for (detail)
  9. VNF Descriptors added for (detail)
  10. VNF Descriptors added for (detail)
  11. VNF Descriptors added for (detail)
  12. VNF Descriptors added for (detail)
  13. Descriptors for added (detail)
  14. Descriptors for added (detail)
  15. Added SOL006 descriptors in (detail)
  16. Descriptors for added (detail)
  17. Descriptors for added (detail)
  18. remove unused template variable (detail)
  19. bug fix and optional check added (detail)
  20. descriptors added in test case (detail)
  21. descriptors added for IndividualVNFPackage & NotificationConsumer (detail)
  22. SOL006 descriptors added for Test ID: (detail)
  23. descriptors added for test ID: (detail)
  24. descriptors added (detail)
  25. SOL006 descriptors updated (detail)
  26. SOL006 descriptors added (detail)
  27. Reference descriptor files updated (detail)
  28. SOL006 descriptors updated (detail)
  29. Reference descriptor YAMLs updated for both SOL001 and SOL006 (detail)
  30. SOL001 & SOL006 Descriptor parsing and checking updated for (detail)
  31. Updated reference descriptor YAML files for SOL001 and SOL006 (detail)
  32. SOL001 & SOL006 Descriptor parsing and checking updated for VNFLCM-API (detail)
  33. Updated reference descriptor files for SOL001 and SOL006 (detail)
  34. SOL006 reference descriptor file and checking functionality updated (detail)
  35. minor bug fix for previous commit (FlavorId got deleted by mistake) (detail)
  36. Fix on mockserver configuration (detail)
  37. Descriptor checks added for (detail)
  38. Descriptor checks added for and (detail)
  39. Descriptor checks added in (detail)
  40. Descriptor checks added for (detail)
  41. Descriptor checks added in (detail)
  42. Descriptor checks added in (detail)
  43. Descriptor checks added for (detail)
  44. minor typo error resolved (detail)
  45. minor fixes (detail)
  46. fixed CI/CD errors (detail)
  47. fixed CI/CD errors (detail)
  48. fixed CI/CD errors (detail)
  49. NS Descriptors added (detail)
  50. NS descriptors check implemented in NSInstances resource (detail)
  51. NS descriptors added & minor correction in response body parsing (detail)
  52. NS descriptors added for NS-LCM-API test cases (detail)
  53. Bug fix in response parsing (detail)
  54. NS descriptor checks added in NSDManagement-API (detail)
  55. redundant lines of code removed in VNFPackageManagement-API Keywords (detail)
  56. updated reference descriptors in NS LCM (detail)
  57. Fix issue: #140 (detail)
  58. minor bug fix in response body parsing & removal of redundant lines of (detail)
  59. removed old reference descriptor files (detail)
  60. Fix issue: #136 (detail)
  61. fixed issue #135 for v2.7.1 (detail)
  62. Fix issue: #142 (detail)
  63. renamed descriptors (detail)
  64. renamed descriptors (detail)
  65. renamed descriptors (detail)
  66. Fix issue #145 (detail)
  67. Fix issue: #140 (detail)
  68. Fix issue: #136 (detail)
  69. fixed issue #135 for v2.7.1 (detail)
  70. Fix issue: #142 (detail)
  71. Fix issue #145 (detail)
  72. fix issue #148 in v2.7.1 (detail)
  73. Fix issue #151 (detail)
  74. Fix issue #94 (detail)
  75. Fix issue #98 (detail)
  76. aligned filename in VNF Package Management (detail)
  77. fixed pnfd file usage (detail)
  78. updated NSD, VNFD, PNFD files and zip management (detail)
  79. fixed pnfd file usage (detail)
  80. fixed rest library use (detail)
  81. updated authorization header and token use in SOL005 v2.7.1 (detail)
  82. updated authorization header and token use in SOL002ù v2.7.1 (detail)
  83. updated authorization header and token use in SOL003 v2.7.1 (detail)
  84. fixed issue #154 on SOL005 subscriptions - v2.7.1 (detail)
  85. fixed issue #154 on SOL002 subscriptions - v2.7.1 (detail)
  86. fix (detail)
  87. fixed issue #154 on SOL003 subscriptions - v2.7.1 (detail)
  88. updated readme for 3.3.1-dev branch (detail)
  89. implementation of deltas between 2.7.1 and 3.3.1 (detail)
  90. updated references (detail)
  91. updated references (detail)
  92. implementing deltas for 3.3.1 (detail)
  93. added new resources and updated references (detail)
  94. updated JSONs and schemas according to deltas (detail)
  95. minor bugs resolved (detail)
  96. corrected test ID and updated template variable for (detail)
  97. updated importing variables for descriptors (detail)
  98. minor fix in documentation (detail)
  99. implemented deltas between 2.7.1 and 3.3.1 (detail)
  100. minor bug fixes (detail)
  101. updated VNFPerformanceManagementNotification-API (detail)
  102. implementation of deltas between 2.7.1 and 3.3.1 (detail)
  103. updated VNFIndicatorNotification.robot (detail)
  104. updated versions (detail)
  105. updated versions (detail)
  106. updated refs (detail)
  107. updated versions (detail)
  108. added new test for API Consumer Notification (detail)
  109. updated schema (detail)
  110. updated references (detail)
  111. updated versions and minor bug fixes (detail)
  112. bug fix: added missing keyword (detail)
  113. updated jsons, schemas and importing of variables for descriptors (detail)
  114. updated refs (detail)
  115. versions updated (detail)
  116. updated reference (detail)
  117. NotificationEndpoint resource updated (detail)
  118. upd to notification (detail)
  119. new resources added in NFVICapacityInformation-API (detail)
  120. minor fix for filter and fields query parameters in GET keywords (detail)
  121. new test added for Individual NSD Archive Artifact (detail)
  122. bug fix: minor bug removing same keywords (detail)
  123. Added Tests for Individual PNFD archive artifact (detail)
  124. updated importing of variables for NSD (detail)
  125. Updated versions (detail)
  126. Updated API version (detail)
  127. Updated versions (detail)
  128. api major version update (detail)
  129. new resources added in NS LCM-API (detail)
  130. updated references (detail)
  131. updated jsons, schemas and added minor fixes in query paramters for GET (detail)
  132. updated importing of variables for VNF and NS descriptors (detail)
  133. Added tests for PM Jobs (detail)
  134. Added tests for thresholds & updated versions (detail)
  135. updated schema (detail)
  136. Added test for new query parameter (detail)
  137. updated versions (detail)
  138. updated schema (detail)
  139. updated importing of variables for VNFD parsing (detail)
  140. added new resources in VNFSnapshotPackageManagement-API (detail)
  141. additional resources added for VNFSnapshotPackageManagement-API (detail)
  142. added a new resource in VNFSnapshotPackageManagement-API (detail)
  143. minor fix in documentation (detail)
  144. corrected Test IDs and added minor bug fixes (detail)
  145. minor fix in variable value (detail)
  146. fixed Content-Range and Content-Length checks (detail)
  147. fixed inconsistency in VNFSnapshotPackageManagement-API: (detail)
  148. added new resources in VNFLifecycleManagement-API (detail)
  149. added new resources (detail)
  150. updated jsons and schemas (detail)
  151. updated references (detail)
  152. updated importing variables for descriptors in LCM-API (detail)
  153. bug fixes in query based parameter keywords (detail)
  154. minor bug fix (detail)
  155. fixed Content-Range and Content-Length checks (detail)
  156. minor fix in documentation (detail)
  157. postcondition checks added in DELETE method for IndividualVNFSnapshot (detail)
  158. New resources added in the VNFSnapshotPackageManagement-API (detail)
  159. bug fixes (detail)
  160. minor fix in variable name (detail)
  161. minor bug fixes and an additional test for filter based quering of (detail)
  162. minor fix in variable value (detail)
  163. fixed Content-Length and Content-Range checks (detail)
  164. added deltas 161 -> 165 (detail)
  165. updated versions (detail)
  166. added missing library (detail)
  167. updated PerformanceInformationAvailableNotification schema (detail)
  168. updated refs (detail)
  169. Updated version & added new TD (detail)
  170. added TD for onboarded_vnf_packages (detail)
  171. updated schema (detail)
  172. updated importing of variables for descriptors (detail)
  173. updated references (detail)
  174. New Resource added in SOL011: Grants.robot (detail)
  175. New Resource IndividualGrant added in SOL011 (detail)
  176. New resource:Subscription.robot added in NSIUN-API (detail)
  177. New resource: IndividualSubscription added in NSIUN-API (detail)
  178. NotificationEndpoint and NotificationConsumer resources added in (detail)
  179. New test cases added (detail)
  180. added API Version tests (detail)
  181. fixes to  NSInstanceUsageNotification-API (detail)
  182. fixes to  NSLifecycleOperationGranting-API (detail)
  183. fixed test ids (detail)
  184. added SOL011 index file (detail)

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