1. added v2.1.1 draft versions (details)
  2. update ci to oas 3 (details)
  3. review update (details)
Commit 8bfc99f028d15f38d4dd818046ac8649a3e5bdd8 by michel.roy
added v2.1.1 draft versions
The file was addedWlanInformationApi.yaml
The file was addedWlanInformationApi.json
The file was
Commit a6373bd611a28e865996d6413b09fa7633f35d2d by michele.carignani
update ci to oas 3
The file was
Commit 6c6f29a00f95311a3226b3fb5e702484c526414a by michel.roy
review update
The file was modifiedWlanInformationApi.yaml
The file was modifiedWlanInformationApi.json